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Welcome to Lucro Life University, your one source site for all things Lucro Life.  Everything you need to educate yourself and share the Lucro Life products and services, and our amazing opportunity, are all on this site.  If you have a bunch of questions, we have a FAQ page for that as well.

Be sure to read all the training documents to the right of every page.  This is essential training and will catapult you from an average Brand Partner (BP) to an expert in the profession.

There may never be a company that has the very best of everything, but Lucro Life is surely going to strive for that.

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The Lucro Life Vision:

Get behind the vision of our Founder, know who we are, know where we’re going, dream reallllly big, build for the future, and follow the training below.  If you can do those things, there is nothing that can stop you.


We will create more than 10,000 Diamonds and Ambassadors, serve more than 10,000,000 people (affiliates, business builders and customers) on a monthly basis, offer essential products in several categories, and distribute to more than 150 countries in our first 10 years.  Why?  Because that’s what we are committed to.  

Lucro Life is not looking to be the best company in the world, but we will be the best company for the world.

Lucro Life is everything you want, but could never find.  Be sure to join our official Facebook group below, so that we can keep you informed of what’s going on.  It’s a public group and everyone is welcome.


One of the keys to creating duplication is having systems and documentation that can be shared.  No one can do everything you are capable of doing, but they can share what you share.  What we don’t know can be found in our training in guides.  No matter what you need to do or learn, it’s documented or being documented.

Our Founder is a firm believer in documentation and he’s very strict about what is documented.  He believes anything that can be taught, can be documented, and we’re doing that.  There is no reason for anyone to explain the same things over and over to 100’s of people.  Instead of killing yourself with 100’s of one-on-one explanations, try this instead.

That’s a good question.  I had some of those same questions, too, but it was this guide or that video that help me a great deal”  Then you direct them to those resources.  Pretty simple, right?

Example:  How do you build a binary the right way?  That’s a great question and I asked the same question when I started.  This video is what I watched that really helped me, so it should help you, too.  Then direct that person to where the video is or send the video.  Without proper documentation, that wouldn’t be possible.  Please learn to use and share our resources.

When you react to a question like the example above, that’s when you actually create duplication and that’s why it’s so important for us to document as much as we can.  What do you think those people will do when they are bombarded with questions?  They will do what you did to them and they will direct their people to a RESOURCE.  BOOM!


We have two major systems and those who can master them will do very well.  Those who won’t, meaning they refuse to follow them will continue to struggle.  There is no such thing as “I can’t”.  People either choose to DO or to NOT DO things.  Following these two systems is a CHOICE.

These two systems are what’s going to take the average person to the next level and make the next level person a superstar.  These are proven systems that have worked for decades.  There is no trial and error.  These systems work if you work the systems.  No matter what you think you know, please follow these two systems.  If you learn anything, learn the Pipeline system and the Go-Getter system.

  1. The Pipeline System:
  2. The Go-Getter System:
    1. Go-Getter System Documentation
    2. Go-Getter System Spreadsheet


Nothing is built overnight, just as you've heard your entire life that Rome wasn't build in a day, neither will your company.  Jumping from company to company to company only has one outcome and that outcome is more debt, wasted time, loss of credibility, and total defeat.

It takes TIME to mature as a business owner, so give yourself TIME to do that.  Be committed to staking your flag in Lucro Life for 3-5 years and don't let anything or anyone, steal you away.  Everything you need to do here in Lucro Life to earn an income is required no matter where you go, we just make it easier.


You got this!  Become your best version of a Bill Britt and watch the magic happen.