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Compliance is a HUGE issue in any networking, MLM or Direct Sales company.  There is a lot you can say and there is a lot you can’t say, so this page gives you some direction.  A lot of companies get shut down just because of compliance issues and Lucro Life will NOT be one of them.

Once we get going, we will have a Compliance team in place and all the direction you need will come from our compliance division.  Compliance is NOT an option, so please do your part to make sure you’re following the rules.

Facebook Fan Pages:

If you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page, you’re not taking full advantage of that FREE service.  Start one today if you don’t have a page, brand it with Lucro Life banners and work on getting as many likes as you can.  Then post something every day to your audience.

Facebook will advertise your page for you to any audience you choose, such as males only, females only, both, or a specific age group or even someone in an area inside 100 miles of you.  You can do this for very low costs.

If you do create a page or already have a page, how you name that page is important.  The only NAMING options are below.  Anything else needs to be approved.

  1. Lucro Life by Mary Smith (use your own name)
    1. Preferred option.
    2. Using your real name is best.
  2. Lucro Life by Mary and John Smith.
  3. Lucro Life by Wealth Builders LLC (use your business name)
  4. Lucro Life by Team Masterminds (use your team name)

Facebook Groups:

For groups, use the same naming scheme as you would for a page.

  • Lucro Life - Team Name

Making Claims:

Making false claims, guaranteeing anyone an income or ever suggesting that one of our products will cure something is a big no no and must be avoided.  Please police each other.  If you see something online that doesn’t look right or is a blatant compliance issue, report it or contact that person if you can and point out what they are doing wrong.

Never talk about a dollar amount when it comes to earnings.  Yes, you can share that a rank advancement pays $25,000 or whatever it is because that’s published, but when it comes to an overall payout, such as possible commissions for example, be very careful to never mention a number amount.  Saying things like, “Team up with me and earn $2,500 by next week” would be misleading and a lie.  There is no guarantee that will happen.  We don’t know what a person is willing to do to earn $2,500.00.

Never say, post or advertise anything like...

  1. Bad - Earn $500.00 this week.  Message me to learn how.
    1. Good - Work from home, make a little money, save a little money and give some away.
  2. Bad - I had arthritis and it’s cured since I’ve been taking the Muscadine.
    1. Good - I’ve had some joint pain in my fingers for a while and since taking Muscadine, a lot of that pain is gone and some days I have no pain at all.
  3. Bad - Can’t sleep, use our sleep aid, it cures all sleeping issues.
    1. Good - My sleeping troubles started months ago or a few years back and since I’ve been taking Lucro Life’s sleep aid, I’m sleeping better than ever.

Words to Avoid:

If a product helps you in any way, share your own story, but never use any medical words or term in anything you say or write about.  Please avoid using these words at all cost.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. Arthritis
  3. Asthma
  4. Cancer
  5. Cardiovascular Disease
  6. Crohn’s Disease
  7. Dementia
  8. Depression
  9. Diabetes
  10. Epilepsy
  11. Fibromyalgia
  12. Hepatitis
  13. Insomnia
  14. Meningitis
  15. Multiple Sclerosis
  16. Osteoporosis
  17. Psoriasis

Again, never use any of those words to share a product or what a product can possibly help with or cure.  Never ever ever use the word CURE.