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Welcome to Lucro Life.

Our amazing journey has begun and we’re currently in what’s called a pre-load phase (phase 1 of 4) where current members are building teams in our company Facebook group.  We will pre-launch where members can actually take a position and get replicated links once we reach the pre-load numbers we’re after, and then officially launch sometime in 2020.

Our goal is to change the industry, make it better, make the people better, and show how close it is for people to live a more lucrative life.

Why Lucro Life?  Because the industry needs us and because YOU need us.  Our focus is and will always be on YOU... and your LIFE.

What can we do as a company to help enhance your LIFE, whether that's physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally or socially?  We think we know and we welcome you to be a part of that.

With the time we’re giving members to pre-load and pre-launch, they have will months of activity that will all be compiled into one week of orders and create a lot of Rubys, Emeralds and Diamonds on the first commission run.  We’re excited about that.

What Is Lucro Life?

Lucro Life is a Direct Sales, Multi-level Marketing, Network Marketing company that uses a Binary married to a Uni-level model.  We believe our products, our training, our services, our perks and our rewards plan will change the industry as we know it today.

Why Lucro Life?

Because the industry is broken.  There is a 97% failure rate and we feel that we have some solutions to bring that number way down.  Wouldn’t it be great if the failure rate was 50% or even 25%?  We know that we can’t help everyone, but we will help those who invite our help and do their part.

  1. People need better training.  Most companies don’t do a good enough job at educating their builders.
  2. People need better systems.  Most companies don’t do a good enough job at providing duplicatable systems that everyone uses.  Too many builders are creating their own systems, their own tools and videos, and more.  It’s not effective.
  3. People need to be challenged and built up more.
  4. People need good products at a fair price.  We will offer products with efficacy.  No products just to have them.  We will bring in what’s needed, what helps, and what solves a problem.
  5. People need a rewards plan that pays the lower ranks for small achievements.
  6. People need to be able to make rank without all those crazy conditions and consecutive weeks of sustained volume performance.
  7. People should not be forced to pay $150.00+ per month just to stay active or risk losing all their unpaid points if they ever go inactive.
    1. How about an autoship of less than $50.00 (door-to-door)?
    2. How about reaching the top ranks with 2-3 personals?
  8. We are going to put people on a 5 year plan and increase their life in ways they only ever dreamed about.
  9. We believe that if we have the formula to help the most people.

Lucro is the latin word for Lucrative and Lucro Life is all about helping people who want to be helped create and maintain the most lucrative life possible, in every area of life as possible.

Lucro Life will be more than a product company and more than a service or education company.  

Why The Anchor:

Not our main logo, however, our Founder wore anchors while serving in the U.S. Navy and nothing would mean more to him than to see the members who join, throw their anchor overboard, so that they will stay in place, stake their flag in Lucro Life, and bring favor to as many people as possible all over the world.  The anchor will keep us from drifting away from our most favored path.

The anchor represents brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, community, family, pride, getting things done, accountability, trust, respect, integrity, service, teaching, counseling, an unwavering commitment to those they serve, and soooo much more.