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Founders Bio

Our Founder, Richard Wyche, has had an extensive career.  Richard is a Florida native who was born and raised in Miami.  At the age of 17, Richard joined the United States Navy and served 25 amazing years. Richard was a Navy Paratrooper and completed 10 years of Joint duty, serving under war fighting Generals in the middle East.  After leaving the Navy, Richard worked as a Deputy Sheriff, was the class President of his law enforcement class and was hired in 8 calendar days from the date of his application.

One of the things you’ll hear Richard talk about the most is giving back and helping people become something bigger than they ever thought possible. Richard believes anyone can do anything if they simply allow people to help them where help is needed.  Richard believes this company (the people’s company) will take people to places they never thought possible in their life, but only if they allow us to help them get to those places.

Richard is a very simple man, but one of the things he enjoys most in this industry is watching people walk across the stage to be recognized for a rank advance and/or receive those massive checks.  It's not that Richard has a story, but that he can be a huge part of someone else's story.

Richard started his network marketing career in 1987 when he joined Amway and has been very successful as a distributor ever since.  Over Richard’s three (3) decades of being in the field, creating teams and helping people reach levels in life they never thought possible, Richard has seen a lot of the good, which is he proud of, but he's also seen a whole lot of the bad that he feels hurts our amazing industry.

Richard believes there are good companies out there, but also believes a lot of companies are not doing enough.  There are companies that have great products, but an unfavorable compensation plan.  There are companies that have a lot going for them, but the company is managed poorly and/or lacks in communication, tools, training, customer service, and other key areas.

Richard is on a mission and he plans to fix a lot of the negative issues around network marketing with Lucro Life.  When 97% of all people who join network marketing fails, there's a huge problem.  Something is broken and it's in part because of the people and in some part of the company.

With all his frustration and concern for the industry, Richard decided to create his own company.  For over two (2) years, Richard developed a model and a compensation plan from the ground up and documented a 150 page business plan to bring a quality network marketing company and model to the people.

Richard’s idea of a great company is pretty simple; bring to market the best products and/or services that anyone could consume or use, keep the autoship requirement low and affordable, establish a culture with proven leaders to help run the company, pre-load the top of the organization with proven leaders, who will become huge pillars for the success of Lucro Life, be the source for training and education, train the field on a regular basis through local, regional and national training events, communicate well, and to give back as much as possible to the field, especially to members who are early in their business.  Our rewards plan is like no other.

Richard wants all members to call Lucro Life home and to never, ever, ever consider another company to stake their flag in.  Every member will have a voice and Lucro Life will go in the direction of the people (our members), not the company staff.  The company staff will work for the people, you, the team, the Brand Partners (BP's), the affiliates, the customers, and so on, or they will not fit this model and have a future with Lucro Life.

Richard is a firm believer that there is nothing a person can’t do in network marketing.  Everything necessary to achieve success comes down to a choice.  We either choose to do the things that help us become successful or we choose not to do those things, and stay where we are in life.

A prime example is creating a list of 100 people we know. Then inviting those 100 people to "look" at our opportunity.  He knows that’s old school marketing, but can anyone do those two things, of course they can.  The question is will they.  Just creating a list of names is the easiest step of all and requires NO skill set, yet 97% of the people never create their list.  Not because they can't, but because they choose not to.

How do you think top leaders become top leaders?  They create a list, they pick up the phone to call people, and they invite them to "look" at their opportunity.  Teams don’t magically grow through osmosis.  Someone has to make the invitation.  The 97%+ of those who ultimately quit do not do those two things.

When we are given proven tools, the verbiage, and all the leadership that can be mustered around us, there is no reason to fail.  People who fail will continue to fail until they learn to stake their flag in one team building opportunity, make the commitment to win, be coachable, establishes their why, remains patient, does their part, and follow the systems that work. People cannot fail in network marketing.  People who struggle and "quit" stop trying, stop believing and stop dreaming.

Sadly, many companies invest too much on pushing products when they should be balancing their efforts to focus on, and invest in, their people.  If you develop the people, the people will create the most amazing business possible. Take care of the people and the people will take care of the company.

Again, it is impossible to fail in network marketing.  We have a choice to do the activities that help us become successful or we stop trying and end up quitting.

Failure is making the effort, not getting the results we're after, learning from our mistakes, re-evaluating, making the corrections, and getting back out there for better results.  As long as people keep moving, they can't fail.  I don't know anyone who has failed in this industry, but I can tell you about tens of thousands who quit, who stopped dreaming and who gave up on their goals.  Quitting is not failing.  It's giving up.

When your WHY is as important to you as breathing, nothing will stop you. We don't need a strong WHY to get started, but we need one to keep going.

What is your WHY?  If you can be kind enough to establish your WHY, we will bring you the HOW TO.

Last Updated: 06/11/2019