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Our Foundation

A foundation built on sand will eventually collapse because there is no support at the base.  A foundation built on concrete and held up with strong pillars (people) will last a lifetime.

When cheerleaders stack on top of each other to build a formation of 3-4 rows of people high, who's creating the foundation or base to hold them all up?  All the people with strength and size who are capable of holding them up.  That's the mindset here.

Creating a solid foundation is as simple as making sure we bring in the best of the best of the available people to take up the top positions.  It's their skills and training that will become invaluable and can be passed down the line.  It doesn't matter what someone knows, it only matters what can be duplicated.

Customer Driven:

It's always going to be the Customers who keep a company going, so we will be very driven on Customer acquisition and helping those Customers not only qualify for free products, but help them achieve their health and wellness and personal care goals.  We are so Customer focused that a BP/IBO (a business builder) only requires two (2) active BP/IBO's to reach the very top of our Rewards Plan.  When a company can maintain a large Customer base, that company can become a legacy company, which means it can last decades and decades and allow members to turn over their business to their children at some point.

Binary + Unilevel Hybrid Model:

Lucro Life will use a binary system married to a uni-level, so every Brand Partner (IBO / builder) only needs to maintain two active builders (one left and one right) to be eligible to earn team commissions.  Our training will be top notch and no one will be left behind.  If you do what we teach you and stay active and committed, we will help you build a life you never thought possible.  You find your WHY and we will deliver the HOW TO.

Our Global Brand Partner (Master Distributor) must have led a team of 15,000 - 25,000+ people and must be a proven 6 to 7-figure income earner.  If you’re in the USA, hopefully living in Florida, and would like to be considered for this position, please reach out to us ASAP.

Are You A Good Leader:

Good leaders can bring in tens and hundreds of personally sponsored people, but to be honest, only 2 lines of sponsorship are required to reach our top rank of Global Ambassador.

Tip: Any good leader can bring in 3-10 or even 100 people, especially with our low autoship, so if any member was to bring in three in their first seven days and could duplicated that for eight weeks, a team of 9,840 members would be created.  Four duplicated for eight weeks would create a team of 87,380 members.  Getting five who get five and so on for eight weeks would create a team of 488,280 members.  Think what’s possible in a 12-18 month period.  Life changing numbers.

25,000 Member Goal:

When we hit our goal of 100 Founding leaders who each build a team to a minimum of 250 members, we will have 25,000 members during the pre-load foundation phase.

This movement can potentially help create millionaires and several multi-millionaires in our first year of business.  This is possible when two, who get two, who get two, and so on, every seven days during this very special, yet very critical phase of our team building.

With solid focus and duplication using our step-by-step training, the first 100 people could collectively build an empire of hundreds of thousands of people.  This is why we create a foundation of proven leaders.  Iron sharpens iron just like leaders develop new leaders.  How bad do you want it?

Tip: If a member does the bear minimum, stays active, and helps two who do the same, the most ever spent over a five year period is $2,700.00.  That’s $40.00 per month and an annual business fee of $60.00.  Please, where can you run a million dollar business, working part time in your spare time, and from the comforts of your home for $40.00 per month?  Can we ask you for a five year commitment and ask that you invite our help to allow us to help you?

Once our foundation members and their members are placed, the floodgates will open.  When possible, we will team members up with leaders in their local area if they don’t already have a sponsor.

We are going to change more than 100,000,000 lives all over the world and you can be a huge part of the first 100 by getting in early, getting busy, doing your part, and helping others reach their dreams and goals.

This industry is made up of 70% women, so where are you ladies?  Connect with us ASAP.

One of our first year goals is to help change the lives of at least 100,000 people.  Yes, it’s a very tall order, but I believe in what we have and where we’re going.  Make sure you're a part of that movement.  This train is going to be moving pretty fast once it gets going.