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The Power of Duplication:

Disclaimer:  This page is for Brand Partners (BP's), Builders / IBO's.  If you never plan on creating a business, or do not have the desire to create an income stream with Lucro Life, you can skip this page.

There is a saying.  “Would you rather receive 1% of 100 people's efforts or 100% of your own effort?”  When people understand the power of leverage, they will move mountains to help others.  Leverage is the name of the game in what we do.

The duplication process comes down to you finding a few like minded people who want something a little better in life and who want to look and feel better.  Use our pipeline to bring them in, get them started, and help them duplicate what you did to invite them.  Please keep this simple and duplicatable.

Once you’re in, set a goal to build a team to 250+ members as fast as possible.  Don’t worry about making money or hitting ranks.  If you build a team to 250+, the money and the ranks will follow.  You will earn with 10 or 50 people, but let’s aim a little higher.  You’re Lucro Life, so you’re not mediocre.

Building a team to 250+ people is you bringing in a few people, helping those people bring in a few people, and helping those people bring in a few people, until you have a total team of 250+ members below you.  Every person needs to focus on this.  In fact, make it your only focus.


Tip:  The key to making money in any network marketing model is building DEEP.  Start building WIDE, then focus on building DEPTH.  How do you do that?  It's actually incredibly easy.  Just follow these SIMPLE steps.

  1. Add as many people as you can to our two main Facebook groups (gives you WIDTH).  If you add 50 people for example, you are 50 people WIDE.  Go as WIDE as you can.  Once you have your width, you will be able to see who your leaders are simply based on who's adding new people to the groups and contacting you for help or to answer their questions.
  2. From all the people you've added, figure out who the best 2-10 people are and focus on them.  You want them to do what you did (this is what creates DUPLICATION).
  3. When the best 2-10 people YOU added are doing what you did to add THEM, and their new people do the same by adding THEIR people, and that continues to duplicate, you start to create DEPTH.

Math Doesn’t Lie:

The numbers below show what’s possible when you duplicate the power of 2, 3, 4 or 5 every 7 days.  Are you okay with the power of 2, or does the power of 4 or 5 really excite and motivate you?  Push hard to build a team of 250 or more.

The Power of 2 to 250+:  254 Members in Seven (7) Weeks.

  1. Week 1 - 2 members
  2. Week 2 - 4 new members
  3. Week 3 - 8 new members
  4. Week 4 - 16 new members
  5. Week 5 - 32 new members
  6. Week 6 - 64 new members
  7. Week 7 - 128 new members

The Power of 3 to 250+:  363 Members in Five (5) Weeks.

  1. Week 1 - 3 members
  2. Week 2 - 9 new members
  3. Week 3 - 27 new members
  4. Week 4 - 81 new members
  5. Week 5 - 243 new members

The Power of 4 to 250+:  340 Members in Four (4) Weeks.

  1. Week 1 - 4 members
  2. Week 2 - 16 new members
  3. Week 3 - 64 new members
  4. Week 4 - 256 new members

The Power of 5 to 250+:  780 Members in Four (4) Weeks.

  1. Week 1 - 5 members
  2. Week 2 - 25 new members
  3. Week 3 - 125 new members
  4. Week 4 - 625 new members

What’s comfortable for you?  Is it the power of 2 duplicating every 7 days or every 30 days or is it the power of 5 every week and launching your business like a rocket?

The beauty in what we do is that we can all work at our own pace and work as hard as our desire allows us to.

Very rarely, if EVER, does a member get the chance to earn on the first commission run with 250+ members already established.  Please take advantage of this pre-load period.

If you don’t understand how huge it can be for you to have 250+ people on your team during the first commission run, you better call Richard, so it can be explained to you.  You will NEVER get this time back.

Tip:  If you have 250 members doing 100 PV (example number), you would generate 25,000 points on the first commission run.  What will that look like (based on today’s rewards plan)?

  1. Bronze rank (20,000 points required).
  2. 12% in lesser leg binary team commissions.
    1. If the 20k points were split 10k on each side of your binary team, that’s 10k x 12% or $1,200.00.
    2. This number can be significantly higher, based on how your two legs calculate.  For some, 80% of their personal enrollment tree may factor in on the lesser leg volume.
  3. $500.00 in rank advancement bonuses.
  4. 50% in matching rank advancement bonuses.
    1. Help 2 personals hit Bronze and earn another $500.00.
    2. You get half (50%) of what they earn.
  5. $100.00 lifestyle bonus.
  6. $xxx.xx in check matches. (depends on team volume)
  7. $xxx.xx in Rising Star bonus (depends on company revenue).

$xxx.xx indicates a value that can’t be confirmed until we run the numbers for each members.  For that reason, and without the data, we can’t add even show a generic value because it would be untrue.

Here are two examples of what the power of 2 and the power of 3 can do for you and your team. The two examples below are generic, so you can advertise any of those images and have people ask you questions.  The date field gives you something to shoot for each month.  It doesn’t matter when you start, but you do have to start.  If you were to start in January for example, you can see how each month plays out by using the power of duplication.