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Our Goals / Commitments

Let’s Fix What’s Broken:

Let’s face it, we have a broken industry, but in reality, it's not the industry that's broken, it's the behaviors of the people that has damaged our industry.  What we do isn't really even an industry, but that's how most people identify what we do and that's why I used that word.

Network marketing or multi-level marketing or direct sales (whatever you want to call it) is a PROFESSION.  If you want to be in a PROFESSION, you have to LEARN that PROFESSION.

Yes, some of the problems I see are at the company level, but let's be honest here.  The bulk of the problems come from the behaviors of the people representing those companies and Lucro Life is going to do everything possible to address and fix some of the top behavior issues we see today.

The questions and answers below address some of the most common issues with people in a network marketing company.

  1. How much does it cost?  A typical first question from anyone looking at joining a new company.  If it costs too much to join and stay active, the mass majority of all new signups will be gone before their first 60 day mark.
    1. We will NOT be a company that’s asking members to invest $100.00 to $200.00 per month just to stay active and to keep from having any unpaid points flushed to zero.
    2. Our autoship will be very low, somewhere around $30.00.  Maybe even less.
    3. We are considering any active order over a 28 day period, of any amount, will be considered active.
  2. My sponsor isn’t helping me and neither is the company.
    1. You can have the worst sponsor on the planet and it won’t matter with Lucro Life.  We will provide all the training you’ll ever need, all the steps you’ll ever need to be successful, and all the support and direction you need to help you reach your goals.  It’s up to YOU to create your goals, and then we will help you get there.  No one will have to rely on their sponsor for support.  If YOU can figure out your WHY, we will give you the HOW TO.
    2. We will provide you with a playbook that explains everything you need to do or say, so it will be up to you to follow it.  We can’t make anyone do anything, but no one will ever be able to say they weren’t provided with materials to help them launch their business.  Business aren't started, they are launched.
    3. We will do our part, so we ask that you do your part.
  3. Only the people at the top make the money.
    1. Not going to happen with Lucro Life.  We reward some of the lowest ranks with rank advancement bonuses, matching rank advancement bonuses, lifestyle bonuses and check matches.
    2. The person at the bottom can earn more than anyone at the top.  Our rewards plan is incredibly generous and is performance based.  Do this and get that.
  4. I have to have too many personal distributors and customers.
    1. You can reach the top of our compensation plan with 2-3 active Brand Partners (BPs).  Brand Partners are the same as Independent Business Owners (IBOs)
    2. Yes, we will have customers and our Affiliate program will help with that.
    3. As an Affiliate, you can create a qualifying order and never purchase again, but still qualify for income on those you bring in as Affiliates or Preferred Customers.
  5. Some companies with a binary make you build 2x the amount of volume on side side to pay you very little and then they wipe all that volume away.  One for example, makes you create 600 points on one side and 300 points on the other for a $35.00 payout.  That means you have to generate 900 commissionable volume points for a 3.8% return.  It’s about $1,200.00 to get 900 commissionable points with that company.
    1. That will not happen with Lucro Life.  We will pay 1:1.  If you create 100 points on one side and 100 points on the others, you will be paid on those 100 points.
    2. Our binary model pays from 10% all the way to 18%
  6. I don’t know how to market my business.
    1. We will take care of that.  Again, you will never have to rely on your sponsor for help.  We will show you exactly what to do and what not to do to market on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.
    2. We will also tell you exactly how to market by email or by text.
  7. I’m not a good recruiter, I can’t sell, I don't know anyone, and so on.
    1. Lucro Life is for everyone at every level.  If you can paint by the numbers, you can build a team by the numbers.  We are going to provide you with everything you need to become successful.  All YOU have to do is follow the steps.
    2. We never sell.  We INVITE people to look at a product or an opportunity and we let them decide from there what is best for them.  We do NO selling.
  8. I can’t afford all those big packs that companies encourage us buy?
    1. That won’t be an issue with Lucro Life.  Yes, you may want to buy some packs because you’ll need samples to share with other people, but they will not be a requirement.
  9. There’s not enough training from the teams or from corporate.
    1. Problem solved.  We have a Facebook group for all members where daily training will be held.
    2. Top leaders will go live every day to share the exact steps they take to reach the levels they’ve earned.
    3. In this group will also be all the training you’ll need for products, and how to share them.
  10. There aren’t any good systems out there.
    1. Again, not an issue with Lucro Life.  We will introduce every person to our playbook and run them through our pipeline.  There will be no doubts on what or how to do anything.
    2. Those who follow our training should do very well, those who don’t, get what they deserve to get.
    3. We will have NO victimes.  If you follow our system, stay patient, stay active and talk to enough people, you will be very successful.  No one will ever be able to say they didn't know what to do.  At least not truthfully.
  11. The products are too expensive.
    1. We will address this issue as well.  Obviously we have to pay commissions on all sales, but we will do everything we can to keep the prices as low as possible.
    2. How many really good companies out there allow you to stay active for a total of $40.00 to $60.00 per month for product to your door service?
  12. I don't care for the selection of products.
    1. We are going to have some amazing products.  We can't start out with 250 items, but we will get there.  Along the way, we will introduce products that are in high demand, that have a need in our lives, that has an efficacy and more.  We will not be another #MeToo company selling a bunch of pills and useless products.
    2. Everything we deliver will have a purpose and hopefully reduce some of the health problems out there today.

What Else Is Happening:

There is a lot we’re doing behind the scene, but from the founder himself, here are some of his unwavering commitments.

Every member matters and every member will be family to all of Lucro Life.  It doesn’t matter if the member is an Affiliate, a Preferred Customer (PC) or a Brand Partner (BP).  Everyone will be treated with utmost care and respect and we will always be there for anyone who joins us and invites us into their life.

  1. To hit 1 billion in sales in the first 7-10 years.
  2. To open markets in more than 150 countries inside our first 7-10 years.
  3. Total transparency.  If we know something, so should you.
  4. A founder with 30+ years of field experience, so you can believe he knows what’s needed to be successful and he will stop at nothing to make sure all the tools and systems are in place to help anyone who uses them find success.
  5. We will be responsible for all the training.  No person in business should be wasting time creating documents, videos or other tools to support their business.  We will take full responsibility for all business tools, help and support.
  6. Strict compliance.  We will have a compliance division to help you maneuver around the world to share Lucro Life in a way that keeps everyone happy, safe, and in compliance.
  7. We understand that we can’t make anyone “want” success, but we can surely make sure we position them to be successful.
  8. Huge support for our military, vets, and first responders.  As a retired 25 year Navy paratrooper, and time with the Sheriff's Office, our founder loves his vets and law enforcement.
  9. We’re going to teach you how to get started, how to share Lucro Life, how to build a team, how to set goals, how to, and how to, and how to.  All you need is a strong enough WHY, then we will provide the HOW TO.
  10. We will hire the best people and the most qualified people who fit the job description they will be responsible for.  If we’re going to become a billion dollar brand, we need the right people in the right places making sure we are doing all the right things and being smart about every decision.
  11. Tons of free giveaways that will include, but not be limited to, electronics, vehicles, homes, charity, cash, tickets, travel, and more.
  12. Huge commitment to recognize and celebrate those who deserve to be recognized and celebrated.
  13. Timely payouts.  In fact we will pay qualified members every week or up to 5 times per month.
  14. An amazing binary + uni-level model that calculates commissions and rank on a 14 day scale, not 7, like most companies.  Those "other" companies know that most can never achieve the numbers they ask for in a 7 day period.  Our rewards plan benefits the member first.
  15. Daily training.  That’s right.  There will be a call or a Facebook live or a Zoom that will be hosted every single day.  During these events, members can join in or send referrals to those calls to get more information, to learn, to ask questions and more.  We are going to do all the heavy lifting.  Sundays may be exempt.
  16. Very low entry fee.  No reason to spend $1,500.00 just to get access to a payout that some may never see.  We will have some package deals, but they will only be for those who want additional products at a discount for caring and sharing with family and friends.
  17. Keep the autoship LOW.  30 points is pretty low and that will enable anyone to participate as a builder for less than $65.00 per month for door-to-door service (product + shipping + taxes).
  18. An Affiliate program that requires a member to pay one time, never buy again, but continue to get paid for life anytime anyone they referred places an order.  Affiliate does not have to be active to earn, but they must qualify with an initial order.
  19. Very lucrative rewards / compensation plan.  We are going to pay the field as much as we can and keep just enough to keep our doors open and keep the best people we can working for YOU 24/7.
  20. Our rewards plan eliminates all those “gotcha” requirements to make real money and/or hit new ranks.  Our rewards plan is very generous and will be very easy to explain.  In fact, if you can hit PLAY from any device, we will explain it for you.
  21. Top notch customer service.  When you call, we will have a solution for you or we will not hang up the phone.  This service will come later as we build the company.  At first, we will have to use a ticketing system in the back office.  Please understand and be patient.
  22. An advanced marketing system to help you share Lucro Life.
  23. Training at every level.  No member will be left behind or feel that they can’t get started because they don’t know how to start or that they may have a bad sponsor who’s not supporting them.  Everything that needs to be known to grow your business will be provided to you from the company.  All you have to do is use and apply what’s provided to you.
  24. Honor, Courage, Commitment and Integrity in every area of the company.  All staff members, regardless of the position will work for YOU the member.  When an employees focus is no longer on YOU, that person will no longer WORK for YOU.
  25. To provide the best products and services that we can possibly formulate or put together.  We will continue to grow, reformulate, improve, make better, and so on to ensure we are providing you the best of the best at all times and at every level.
  26. Several categories of products, such as anti-aging, skin care, health and wellness, personal care, pet care, bath products, hair products, and so much more.
  27. To help 100,000,000 people around the world with better health, greater wealth, a higher education in LIFE, and so much more.
  28. To create 10,000+ Ruby's, Diamonds and Ambassadors inside the first 5-10 years.
  29. To become the #1 company in the world for network marketing.
  30. To provide a legacy company that members can pass down to their children and their children's children.
  31. Leadership retreats that will provide decades of memories.  We will not hold back and we will send people to some of the most exotic places in the world and pay 100% of the bill for 2 people.  Qualifications will apply.
  32. An advanced and state of the art back office to help you manage your business.
  33. Tools that allow you to communicate with your downline from the back office.
  34. Notifications when new members enroll, is added to your team, cancels, hits a new rank and more.
  35. Amazing company branded memorabilia options.  Nike will never send you a check for wearing their ball cap just like Coach will never send you a check for showing off their bag.  We will learn to brand ourselves and wear our own company memorabilia.
  36. Rank jackets for Ruby’s and above.  Earn it, feel it, wear it, and show it.  Walk proud, because you will have deserved it.
  37. A CFO / CPA who is going to teach everyone how to not only own a business, but how to run a business financially.  How to treat a business like a business and how to account for your business.  Most people in this industry have no idea how to manage their business or even how to track expenses and deductions.  We will clear all that up.
  38. And soooooooo much more.

We are a company for the people and the people will be a huge part of our direction, the products they want to see, and so much more.

Last Updated:  07/23/2019