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Below are the answers to the majority of the questions we receive.  We will update this page as necessary.  Feel free to share.

  1. Who is the Founder / Owner / President?
    1. Richard Wyche is our Founder.
      1. Richard is the SOLE owner.  There are no other partners or owners of the company.
    3. 813-817-1221
  2. What is Richard's network marketing experience?
    1. Richard (see Founders Bio) started with Amway back in 1987, so that's more than 30 years of network marketing, MLM, direct sales.
    2. Richard has been mentored by some of the most successful people in the industry and knows exactly how to help you and put you in a position for success.
    3. His experience is exceptional and he knows what the field needs because he's been successful in the field.
    4. Lucro Life has been on paper for almost 2 years, so you can believe every single detail of the company has been reviewed, reviewed again, and reviewed again.
  3. Where is the company headquartered?
    1. The greater Tampa, FLORIDA area.
    2. Address: 223 Flamingo Drive, Apollo Beach, FL., 33572
    3. Phone: 813-812-7641
  4. When did Lucro Life start adding members to the organization?
    1. June of 2020
  5. Where can I find the official Facebook group for Lucro Life?
    2. Anyone looking for early placement is welcome in the group.  
  6. How many products will Lucro Life have?
    1. Lucro Life will start out with 1-5 amazing products and will grow into hundreds of items as we learn more about our members demand for products.
  7. Will the products be safe and/or toxic free?
    1. The short answer is YES.
    2. We have a philosophy that if you wouldn’t use one of our products on your baby or allow your baby to consume the product, that you shouldn't either.
    3. We will be critical of all ingredients used in our products.
  8. I don't have a sponsor, but would like to secure a position.
    1. If you don't have a sponsor, access the group above and we will assign you a sponsor who lives as close to you as possible.
  9. How much is the SmartShip (autoship) amount?
    1. 30PV is the minimum requirement for a builder to remain active and that's just $40.00 per month.
    2. Customer volume is set very low at 20PV.
    3. Very few companies, if any, allow you to spend $40.00 a month and remain active.  The average is about $150.00 to $175.00 for door-to-door service per month.  We are significantly less than half that.
  10. What model are you using?
    1. We are using a binary + a uni-level model.  It's the uni-level that should have the most focus as that's where rank advancement will come from.
    2. The binary pays from 10%, up to 15% on the lesser leg, based on paid-as rank.
    3. We pay 1/1, meaning if you have 100 points on the left and 100 points on the right, you earn your percentage.
    4. Some companies do a 600 / 300 or a 480 / 240 and you lose in the end.  We can prove how our model is superior.
    5. The uni-level will pay check matches down 10 generations.  Most companies pay down 6-7 levels.  Paying on generations and not levels, opens up more commission possibilities to thousands or even tens of thousands of people who would not be calculated if paying by levels..
  11. Is there a snapshot of the rewards plan?
  12. Do we flush points?
    1. Yes and No.  As long as a member has the minimum requirements, which as of now is 30 points, any unpaid points will be carried over to the next pay cycle.
    2. Should a member ever become inactive or not place an order over the previous 28 days, all accumulated points will flush.
    3. There is no cap on how much volume can be carried over.
  13. Do we have a loyalty program?
    1. It is something we are working on.  For those who remain active for 3 consecutive months, a set percentage will be given back to the member to be used for products and/or memorabilia.
    2. Those points will flush if there is ever a break in those 3 months.
    3. Must maintain the Rising Star (our first rank) or higher to qualify.
  14. What countries are you in?
    1. Just the USA for now.  After we get going, we will go into Canada and then look at the next largest market.  Our eyes are on Australia, New Zealand, areas in Europe, areas in Africa, areas in Asia and Mexico.
  15. Will the company provide training?
    1. Yes, at a minimum every day for at least 6 days per week.  We may take off Sunday's, but you can expect daily training that you can access at will.
    2. Our Facebook leadership group will be slammed with some of the best training you'll ever get and it's all FREE.
  16. Does Lucro Life have a system for duplication?
    1. Yes.  We have two power systems that we call the Pipeline and the Go-Getter systems.
    2. These two systems assures the success of anyone who follows them and doesn't deviate or go rogue.
    3. We provide everything a member would need from A-Z to share and/or invite people to Lucro Life.
  17. Will Lucro Life have leadership retreats?
    1. Yes, we will have a number of leadership retreats, cruises and more to qualified members.
  18. What separates Lucro Life from the others?
  19. How many personals are required to reach the top ranks?
    1. Two (1 active on the left team and 1 active on the right team).
    2. You can have as many as you like and we encourage you to sponsor as many people as you can, but only 2 are required.
  20. Will you have a car or lifestyle bonus?
    1. Yes, and every rank qualifies.
    2. You don't have to be a super galactic triple diamond to earn with us.  We pay this at every rank.
    3. This bonus is what some companies call a car bonus.  We want you to drive what you want, and use the money you EARNED for whatever you need that money for.
  21. Will you offer leadership bonuses?
    1. Yes.
    2. And everyone equally can earn in our leadership bonus pool.
    3. There is no specific rank requirement to earn in our leadership pool.
  22. Will you have an Affiliate program?
    1. We are pushing for this very hard.  As an Affiliate, that member will pay retail, but with a single qualified order of 100 points or more, that member will forever be an active affiliate.
    2. If the active Affiliate NEVER orders again, he/she would still earn a commission from their sales for as long as those they sign up continue to order.
  23. Will we be required to have customers?
    1. Yes, as you advance in your paid-as rank, there will be a requirement for customers or customer volume.
    2. Big brother is always watching and although the criteria for having an X number of customers per member, customer requirements have NOT be set, at least for now, we still require customer volume, but that volume can come from 1 customer or a number of customers.
    3. As higher paid-as ranks are achieved, the personal volume (PV) requirements go up in small steps.
    4. Only 60PV can come from the member, so anything over that, must come from customer volume.
    5. The first few ranks do NOT require customers or affiliates.
  24. What if I'm not that good at network marketing?
    1. That's okay.  We are going to give you a playbook that will tell you exactly what to do and what not to do from day one.
    2. You can have no experience at all or even have the worst sponsor ever, and it won't matter.
    3. If you follow our systems, and give yourself TIME to actually create success, you will do amazing.
  25. Will you offer rank advancement bonuses?
    1. Absolutely and they will be huge.
    2. We offer a rank advancement bonus on ALL ranks, not just the top half.
  26. Can I earn when people I personally sponsor rank advance?
      1. Yes.
      2. We offer a what's called a rank advancement bonus match.
      3. That means if you hit Gold for example and help a personal reach the rank of Gold, you will get 50% of that person's rank advancement bonus for helping that person advance.
  27. What are the Lucro Life ranks.  The ranks in BOLD are really key and everyone should strive to reach those ranks?
    1. Brand Partner (BP/IBO)
    2. Rising Star (RS)
    3. Producer (P)
    4. Director (D) (Get here ASAP and help others get here ASAP)
    5. Bronze (BRNZ) (Near Full Time Income for Most)
    6. Silver (SIL)
    7. Gold (GOLD) (Full Time Income for Most)
    8. Platinum (PLAT)
    9. Sapphire (SAP)
    10. Ruby (RUBY)
    11. Emerald (EMLD)
    12. Diamond (DIA)
    13. Black Diamond (BLKDIA)
    14. Blue Diamond (BLUDIA)
    15. White Diamond (WHDIA)
    16. Crown Diamond (CRNDIA)
    17. Ambassador (AMB)
    18. Presidential Ambassador (PAMB)
    19. Royal Ambassador (RAMB)
    20. Crown Ambassador (CRNAMB)
    21. Global Ambassador (GLOAMB)
  28. Has the Rewards Plan been mapped out?
    1. Yes, review the link below.  Inside that guide is another link to the spreadsheet that you will have to use to follow the guide.
    2. Our Rewards Plan is currently under review, so we will advise when the rewards plan has been fully reviewed and verified.  We don't want to overpay and go broke or under pay and not pay enough to the deserving.
  29. What are leadership jackets?
      1. A leadership jacket is a token of achievement.
      2. We will want our jacket wearers to wear them with pride.
      3. Once a leader reaches the rank of Ruby, he/she will earn a red jacket with the company logo stitched on the left breast pocket or left side of the jacket.
      4. Ruby is the first leadership jacket.
      5. The color of the jacket changes as higher ranks are achieved.
  30. What are the biggest complaints about Network Marketing?
    1. Too expensive - we fixed that with a $40.00 monthly minimum.
    2. Too complex - we are by far the easiest company to build.
    3. Products are too expensive - ours are the lowest.
    4. Tough requirements - you can reach the top with 2 personals.

Feel free to compare our rewards plan with any other company.  We pay up to 15 ways, so know that you will always get a fair return on your investment, which is time, effort and energy.

If you want to be paid fairly, stick with us.  Math doesn't lie.  See the chart below for proof.